Enterprise class development languages

Dynamic has been developing and delivering enterprise class development languages and business applications for over 35 years. From the beginning, our charter has been to deliver platform-independent development environments and applications to our clients world-wide. During these years, Dynamic pioneered many unique technologies which have evolved and are in wide use in the software industry today.



UniBasic is an interactive Business BASIC development language that operates on a wide range of Unix-based systems. Dynamic Concepts also offers UniBasic Cloud.


dL4 is a development platform for creating serious business applications. Built upon a modern superset of the Business BASIC programming language. Dynamic Concepts also offers dL4 Cloud.

uniBasic IQ

Unibasic IQ add the ability to access, manipulate, and organize data is the essence of your business.


dynamicXport is a web-portal, cgi library and RAD toolkit, consisting of customizable web templates and a software API, which enables the creation of a web based presentation.


dynamicPaper is a robust collection of software components that are tightly integrated to provide a complete document management platform.

IMS Migration

dL4 development platform and IMS/Basic migration utilities allow you to move your existing databases and applications into a more modern environment, without re-writing.


Passport is our set of software modules used to provide a single mechanism to license and enable which Dynamic software products and options are available on your installation.


Dynamic’s Open DataBase Connectivity [ODBC] product consists of two components. The Server module is installed on your application server where your UniBasic or dL4 data resides.


Dynamic Software Support

Dynamic Concepts support for UniBasic, dL4, dynamicXport, dynamicPaper…etc


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Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced service and support tools provide you with great customer service. Contact us today to learn more about Dynamic Concepts creative technology tools.