UniBasic IQ delivers the ability to access, manipulate, and organize data stored within your UniBasic and dL4 applications. Whether you’re preparing financial reports or commission reports, you need a fast and accurate reporting system. IQ Runtime is a point-and-shoot Query Language and Report Generator that represents the information within dL4 and UniBasic databases in a standard Relational Database view.

In addition to extensive sorts, searches, reports and graphs, a powerful SQL-like language provides extensive capabilities to produce even the most complex queries and reports. IQ5 for Windows remains available, but is no longer supported and is incompatible with newer versions of Windows. IQ version 4 for Unix remains available and supported for customers having dictionaries and procedures already in use. New customers should deploy our ODBC server which provides greater flexibility and works with the popular client reporting tools in use today.

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Powerful Report Generator & Toolset

A powerful report generator that includes a developer toolset that facilitates Database and data dictionary maintenance for IQ files, fields, multi-file relationships, and field-level security.

dL4 Compatible
Easy Integration
Developer Toolset
Point & Click Query
UniBasic Compatible

Flexible Data Reformatting

IQ includes a flexible data reformatting tool which convers output into a wide variety of popular desktop tools including Excel. Feel free to contact us to ensure IQ is compatible with your tools.

Cost Effective
Highly Efficient
Easy User Interface
Thousands of Users
Rapid Databse Access

Development & Consulting

Unibasic & dL4 Development & Consulting

Cloud Services

Unibasic & dL4 Cloud Hosting

Disaster Recovery

Unibasic & dL4 Disaster Recovery

Creative Technology

Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced service and support tools provide you with great customer service. Contact us today to learn more about Dynamic Concepts creative technology tools.