We offers several affordable Disaster Recovery plans for UniBasic and dL4 installations. If you do not have a complete failover plan in place, let our team assist you. Our services include:

  • Off-site backup storage provides secure storage of your important data and applications.
  • Dedicated servers hosted by Dynamic with daily synchronization for quick failover.
  • UniBasic/dL4 licenses for servers you own or operate for Disaster Recovery.

Daily off-site backup is the minimum service you should have in case a disaster strikes and you are unable to utilize your regular daily backup media. Nightly, a copy of your important data is encrypted, compressed and uploaded to our backup server. You are assigned an individual account and directory structure on our server on which you can use any method of upload that is convenient for you. Many commercial backup programs, such as BackupEDGE, LoneTar, Acronis and Veritas have built-in features to encrypt, compress, upload and manage the offsite data. You may also use standard tools, such as rsync, sftp or tar.

A dedicated server provides a higher degree of disaster recovery, since it is a daily ‘clone’ of your system. Should a failover event occur, your server is literally ready to take over your operations. A written failover plan is established between your organization and Dynamic. Typically the plan includes opening up the IP’s from which users may connect, assigning the appropriate resources to your server to manage the anticipated load, enabling dormant automatic server tasks, changing web portals and establishing remote printers.

For organizations that have their own disaster recovery or backup server, Dynamic will provide licenses for those servers at no upfront cost, charging only the annual subscription for that system.

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