dL4 is a development platform

dL4 is a development platform for creating serious business applications. Built upon a modern superset of the Business BASIC programming language, dL4 is easily learned and readily accepted by customers. Modular design, along with extended features and functions, ensure easy development, along with support of network and business applications. Supported platforms include: AIX, Apple OS X, HP/UX, IBM, Linux, SCO, Solaris, and Windows, as well as existing applications written in other BASIC’s: BITS, IRIS, NIROS, MICOS, IDOS, Basic/4, UniBasic and IMS.

dL4 includes the ODBCdL4 server, providing access to dL4 and UniBasic data files from any ODBC compliant application, such as Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports. Also included is dL4Term, our PC-based terminal emulator that allows customers to deliver GUI and character-based applications from either Unix or Windows servers.

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Unix, Mac & Windows Compatible

dL4 is the development language you need to stay competitive. All dL4 applications and db are portable, and may be accessed, or executed, simultaneously from Unix, Mac, and Windows.

IMS Compatible
Seamless Operation

Integrates with dynamicXport

ASP licenses for dL4 allow the delivery of traditional or web-enabled applications over the Internet and you have the option of using our data center and servers to seamlessly deliver your applications.

Modular Design
Easily Learned
Easy Development
Extended Features
dL4Term Included

Development & Consulting

Unibasic & dL4 Development & Consulting

Cloud Services

Unibasic & dL4 Cloud Hosting

Disaster Recovery

Unibasic & dL4 Disaster Recovery

Creative Technology

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