Passport is our set of software modules used to provide a single mechanism to license and enable which Dynamic software products and options are available on your installation. Passport greatly simplifies the activation of Dynamic software by using a single ‘key’ to activate any or all of our products, including UniBasic, dL4, ODBC, IQ, dynamicXport and dynamicPaper. Passport essentially acts as a License Server for Dynamic’s software products.

Passport licensing works by matching a unique server license-number (either derived from the server at installation, or supplied by an external hardware ‘passport’ device) with a Dynamic-supplied activation code called a Software Selection Number [SSN]. The SSN is based, among other things, on the following criteria: the hardware or derived license number, the products and revisions authorized and the number of users.

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Simplified Licensing

Passport provides a single mechanism to manage all of your server’s licensing credentials for Dynamic Software, eliminating the need to maintain and manage separate licenses.

Easy License Mgt
ssnmaint Utility
Single License-Number
Included with Dynamic

Activate Only what you need

Passport allows you to license only the products, revisions, and users you need on your system. You can also easily add users or upgrade revisions on your software with a single SSN.

Customized Licensing
Licenses UniBasic,
dL4, & Much More
Choose User Limits
for Each Package

Development & Consulting

Unibasic & dL4 Development & Consulting

Cloud Services

Unibasic & dL4 Cloud Hosting

Disaster Recovery

Unibasic & dL4 Disaster Recovery

Creative Technology

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