dynamicPaper is a robust collection of software components that are tightly integrated to provide a complete document management platform. dynamicPaper also allows dL4 and UniBasic applications to print standard forms, and overlay forms, using existing program code, as well as forms built using the HP PCL protocol.

The dynamicPaper application provides automatic archiving of all-types of printed documents, with the ability to re-merge them with their form overlay, if any, at any time. Other types of documents may be scanned into the archive system as well, using most modern Windows browsers, and most consumer document scanners. The dynamicPaper collection of form and printer drivers is included with both the dL4 and UniBasic software. A web-based archive and retrivel system is also included with dynamicXport.

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Convert Company Forms to PDF

With dynamicPaper, you’ll have the ability to convert your company’s documents to PDF format, which is an ideal option for storage, downloading, and even e-mailing documents with a JetPCL license.

Easy PDF Conversion
Intuitive Interface
Digital Image Proc.
Text Output Merging
E-Mail Notifications

Scan, Index, & Archive Remotely

Not only will you be able to scan, index, and archive your company’s documents, but you can do it all remotely by using a Windows based browser and scanner. How much easier could it get?

Remote Archival
Remote Indexing
Intuitive Workflow
Browser Retrieval
Word/Excel Friendly

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Disaster Recovery

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Creative Technology

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