dynamicXport is a web-portal, cgi library and RAD (Rapid Application Development) toolkit, consisting of customizable web templates and a software API (Application Program Interface), which enables the creation of a web based presentation layer to any existing software application and database. You may use dynamicXport as a stand-alone web application, or within a web site, to exchange information between authorized users.

dynamicXport facilitates web access to real-time application data, such as inventory status, special pricing, order tracking, and customer data. Information can then be submitted directly from web-based forms to your application database, which facilitates common business tasks, such as real-time order processing and inventory tracking. You can also quickly provide clients with secure, browser-based, thin client, and real-time access to your back-end application and database.

dynamicXport before and after

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Integrate Real-Time Data

Quickly integrate real-time data within a web site by using the dynamicXport API, giving you session control, and access between public or private web sites running on Unix or NT application servers.

Publish Text & HTML
Auto-Gen Libraries
Full File Management
Page Block Definitions
Customizable Modules

Complete Security & Session Control

Communications between the servers is handled by dynamicXport. For ultra-secure deployments, a private VPN is deployed to secure the communications between the web and application servers.

Private VPN
Secure Uploads
Secure Downloads
Secure Maintenance
Secured Print & Export

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