We know dL4, Unibasic and DynamicXport — We invented them!

We continually enhance our products to meet our customer’s needs, and to keep current with the constant changes in the hardware and software world. We are the most qualified resource available for outsourcing dL4 and Unibasic based development. We have full-time application designers and developers on staff, with years of extensive dL4 and Unibasic experience. Our consulting services can complement your existing staff, or be your single provider for application support and development. We have the expertise to successfully integrate dL4 and Unibasic applications with various technologies, such as other databases, credit card processing, Browser and GUI interfaces, forms handling and archiving, SOAP and XML communications, just to name a few.

Here are some examples of how our consulting services help clients meet their goals:

  • Provide on-site or remote on-line training on how to use and implement our language features and complimentary products.
  • For resellers and developers, new project development often times takes a back burner to support and maintenance demands. We can readily design, develop and implement custom applications per client requirements.
  • For example, we often do the initial development of a web interface to your existing dL4/Unibasic application using our dynamicXport middleware. We concurrently train your staff, so they can add further enhancements and support the application for your users. This provides a quick initial development and deployment cycle and the initial project generates both revenue and more development requests. The initial development employs best practices and provides a superior foundation and examples as a basis for further development.
  • We provide full support for end-user clients whose main application is Unibasic or dL4 based when the original developer is no longer available to provide support. Dynamic will provide full support and maintenance of the existing application, as well as develop enhancements. We also provide ancillary services such as efficiency recommendations, remote backup, disaster recovery, web hosting, email services and design.
  • We have developed many new features and enhancements to our products to meet specific customer needs. Examples include MS-SQL and Oracle database drivers, dL4 email driver enhancements, dL4 GUI features and porting to the Mac OS X platform.

Creative Technology

Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. Our advanced service and support tools provide you with great customer service. Contact us today to learn more about Dynamic Concepts creative technology tools.