January 25, 2021 fiby

Dynamic Concepts UniBasic and dL4 Version 11

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of major enhancements to UniBasic, dL4, dynamicXport and ODBCdL4. These new versions will become the standard unibasic.com download deliverables on January 25, 2021. Older versions will remain available on ftp.dynamic.com.

For UniBasic and dL4 version 11, a new “Huge+” file structure is available for Indexed Contiguous files. The current Index limit of 256GB has been increased to terabyte-sized Indexes on all supported platforms. Additionally, on 64-bit platforms (Linux 64/66), the number of data records has been increased from 2 to 4 billion.

Environment variables can be set to automatically produce a dL4 program dump or UniBasic vsave when programs exit with an uncontrolled error or STOP. This applies to dL4 programs launched with the ‘run’ utility or UniBasic programs started with the ‘-F’ option and adds extra security by not allowing users to be left in a shell after a STOP or error.

For dL4, the socket and TLS/SLS socket drivers support IPv6 addresses and Unix domain sockets can be accessed with the Unix domain socket driver on all supported platforms. Intrinsic CALLs to support encryption, decryption, and signing are available on dL4 for platforms 36 and 66 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 32-bit and 64-bit).

You may use ‘ssnmaint’ to determine whether you will need a new SSN activation code prior to installing any of these new releases (UniBasic/dL4 version 11; dynamicXport version 3; ODBCdL4 version 1). Licenses covered under Software Assurance subscriptions may be upgraded at no charge and a new SSN may be ordered and installed in advance without affecting your current operations.

Highlights for ODBCdL4 1.8

  • SQL JOIN performance has been improved when using ODBCdL4 Server 1.8 or later with the ODBCdL4 Driver 1.8 or later
  • Huge+ files are supported
  • Applications such as Microsoft Access have access to more information about table indexes
  • All network traffic can be encrypted after the initial negotiation
  • The ODBC SQLStatistics() function now returns information on all indexes defined in a table definition file. ODBCdL4 has always used all of the index definitions, but the definitions were not visible to ODBC applications. This enhancement requires use of the current releases of both the ODBCdL4 Server and the ODBCdL4 Driver.
  • The SQL intrinsic functions, such as LENGTH, can now be used with columns and arguments of up to 1100 characters

Highlights for dynamicXport 3.2.2

  • Allows use of special characters in passwords
  • The session file does not overflow on busy systems
  • Support for TLS/SSL based encrypted communication between the web server and the application server
  • Browser based file definitions and dL4 file handling library code generation module
  • UTF-8 web pages can be used to support additional languages
  • DynamicPage module consisting of Page Block Definitions used to design DynamicXport dynamically generated html pages for user prompts, file tables and file maintenance
  • DynamicPaper archiving, DynamicNotice and DynamicPage modules are no longer list protected and allow customization
  • DynamicPaper supports document scanning when using Internet Explorer
  • DynamicPaper supports subtypes within folders
  • Paypal Payflow Pro interface updated to version 4.3+

The new releases are available for the following platforms:

  • 07 – 32-bit AIX 7
  • 1B – Windows 7, 10, and compatible server versions [dL4 only]/li>
  • 36 – 32-bit Red Hat 6/7/8 ES
  • 55 – 32-bit SCO OpenServer 6
  • 64 – 64-bit Red Hat 5 ES
  • 66 – 64-bit RedHat 6/7/8 ES
  • 6D – 32-bit Red Hat 5 ES
  • 99 – 32-bit SCO OpenServer 5 [dL4 only]

The following platforms have reached end-of-life. While older versions of our products remain available on our ftp.dynamic.com site, no further development or bug-fixes will be released:

  • A1 – Apple OSX Intel x86
  • A4 – Apple OSX Power PC
  • E9 – HP 9000 Series 800 HP/UX
  • 1A – Solaris SPARC

Click here to download the installation packages or review the full Release Notes.


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